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gym members using modern cardio machines in a gym near me


Take charge of your cardio at our gym in Mechanicsville. Our equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, stairsteppers, and stationary bikes. Take it at your own pace on our single station machines or join a group exercise class that focuses on cardio/aerobics.

man lifting heavy weights in a Mechanicsville gym


Get the gains you’re working so hard to achieve! Strength training equipment at the best gym in Mechanicsville includes dumbbells, free weights, flat benches, Smith machines, a squat rack & deadlift platform. Get a FREE PASS today & check it out!

w gym member does bulgarian split squats with free weights at a gym near me


Unlock your strength potential with our extensive range of free weights! Our gym in Mechanicsville is equipped with a wide variety of free weights designed to cater to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Our free weights area provides the perfect environment for your training. Visit us with a FREE PASS today and check it out!

certified personal trainer with a gym member in a Mechanicsville gym


Gold’s Gym offers training options for every member and every goal. Our certified trainers will help you maximize your fitness potential, whether through one-on-one coaching or in small group training with limited class sizes. Achieve your goals in an encouraging environment that is dedicated to your success.

man working out on a turf field in a modern gym


Kettlebells, TRX, climbing ropes & battle ropes in our indoor turf field provide functional training to strengthen & define core muscles for everyday activities that stress & strain muscles. There’s plenty of space to train hard!

a woman holds up a tank top while shopping at gold's gym pro shop in mechanicsville


Elevate your workout gear and nutrition at our Gold’s Gym Pro Shop! From high-quality fitness apparel to the latest in workout accessories, our Pro Shop has everything you need to enhance your gym experience. Stop by to gear up for success and fuel your fitness journey with the best fitness products in Mechanicsville. Grab your FREE PASS now and explore our selection!

Best Gym in Mechanicsville

Top-Rated Equipment

A broad selection of exercise equipment, training programs, services and amenities makes Gold’s Gym the best gym in Mechanicsville. You can meet all your fitness needs and weight loss solutions in one convenient, family-friendly location.

Cardio machines offer training options for everyone. Strength training equipment includes a full range of free weights. One-on-one personal training and group fitness, from boot camp to yoga, provide every flavor of fitness you could need.

There’s no need to leave the kids behind with onsite childcare provided at our Mechanicsville gym. Locker rooms with private showers, dry sauna, and tanning make it a cinch to stop by between appointments, and the Pro Shop provides apparel and workout drinks, protein bars, and cookies for snacks on the fly.

Featured Classes

plate loaded machine

Plate Loaded Machines

Maximize your strength training with plate loaded machines. Controlled movements & adjustable weights equal real gains!

plate loaded machine
squat rack

Squat Racks

Strengthen your core, glutes & lower body using the squat racks at our Mechanicsville gym. Adjust the weight as you perform squats and lifts.

squat rack